I’ll open with a confession! I have struggled with the SIN of gossip! There, I said it! It was a gradual yet aggressive sickness that overtook my talk and walk. (more…)

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Heroes of My Faith!

Heroes of My Faith!

There is a phrase in 1 Corinthians 3:5, that states, “Servants through whom you have believed…” As I reflected on that passage and my own faith journey, I realized how blessed I’ve been with “servants” and “Heroes” of the Faith!  (more…)

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Interesting past few days: Scheduled to preach in Ark; flight cancelled! Family Reunion this weekend, Nicolas & I caught flu; trip cancelled! Got the “?” on MacBookPro; computer cancelled! On the flip side, got rest, unlimited time with family, with no work distractions! #perspective

You were made to make!

Erwin McManus

If you walk away from Jesus, where do you go?

H. B. Charles, Jr. (@hbcharlesjr)

You have to treat everybody as if they’re a “game-winning” player!

Coach Rick Pitino

Nothing puts life into men like a dying Savior!

Charles H. Spurgeon

Regardless of people’s opinions, it doesn’t change the FACT about the reality of Jesus Christ!

Dr. Ralph D. West

We no longer talk as if God is dead, we now live as if God is dead!

Dr. Ralph D. West

Many of us know Psalm 23, but fewer of us know the Shepherd in the Psalm!

Pastor Dennis C. Jones