Interesting past few days: Scheduled to preach in Ark; flight cancelled! Family Reunion this weekend, Nicolas & I caught flu; trip cancelled! Got the “?” on MacBookPro; computer cancelled! On the flip side, got rest, unlimited time with family, with no work distractions! #perspective

You were made to make!

Erwin McManus

If you walk away from Jesus, where do you go?

H. B. Charles, Jr. (@hbcharlesjr)

You have to treat everybody as if they’re a “game-winning” player!

Coach Rick Pitino

Nothing puts life into men like a dying Savior!

Charles H. Spurgeon

Regardless of people’s opinions, it doesn’t change the FACT about the reality of Jesus Christ!

Dr. Ralph D. West

We no longer talk as if God is dead, we now live as if God is dead!

Dr. Ralph D. West

Many of us know Psalm 23, but fewer of us know the Shepherd in the Psalm!

Pastor Dennis C. Jones

The devil laughs at prayer-less preaching

Alistair Begg

Sunday Musings (2/4/13)

Super-Sunday exceeded the hype! The day was slated to be action-packed, with a trial sermon from our perspective Youth Pastor, to the debut of my beautiful daughter at GBBC! I was almost restless. Our worship for both children/youth & adults was wonderful. We baptized six in the sanctuary, while we welcomed over 80 in children/youth Church. It’s certainly not all about numbers, but I’ve learned to measure God’s goodness for the purpose of shouting!

Many participated in wearing their favorite team jerseys (GO COWBOYS)! It’s so nice to learn more about members, even the Pittsburgh Steeler fans. After introducing our perspective Youth Pastor, I beelined to the sanctuary to preach the last sermon in our “Good Life" Series, entitled "The Good Shepherd" (John 10:11). We all need a good shepherd who willingly lays His life down, lifts our life up, and leaves us never! WOW! Jesus is our good shepherd!

To see the multiple decisions for Christ is most encouraging and uplifting! The worship was heightened with introductions: The Pierce’s and Simone Elise Brown! They both received standing “O’s!” It was a great worship!

Finally, after a month or so of preparation, we delivered into the hands of our members “Greater Bethlehem’s 2012 Annual Report!” This report highlights the accomplishments and trends of our ministry, along with projections into our preferred future! It was a SUPER-SUNDAY!

The actual Super-Bowl was eventful! The blackout was a grave distraction and momentum shifter, and there is no denying the high-energy half-time show with Beyonce! Yeah, it was a SUPER-SUNDAY!